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The Power Of Faith

The Power Of Faith

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A revised and expanded edition of the former title, Faith to Live By. 

All things are possible!

Faith makes available to us God’s possibilities.

Through faith, God has given us the ability to miraculously receive the fulfillment of His promises. Faith is the channel of divine life. The more faith we exercise, the more we enjoy a full, abundant life in Christ.

“Faith is the…evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1 KJV).

Faith lifts us above the realm of our own abilities and brings us eternal realities and resources. Is it any wonder the Bible consistently emphasizes the supreme importance of faith? In The Power of Faith, renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince answers your questions about this essential element of the Christian life: What is faith? Why is faith necessary? What can I do if I don’t have faith? How do I live a consistent life of faith? With clearly presented truths and many practical applications, this book is a potent resource for receiving the benefits of a faith-filled life. Discover principles that will empower you to do what would otherwise be impossible. See how every one of your needs can be met— spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial. Learn how to continually develop and strengthen your faith in God. As you live a life of faith, you will truly know that “all things are possible” (Mark 9:23) to those who believe!

Includes specific faith proclamations, with corresponding Scriptures, to declare every day.

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