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In Pursuit Of His Wisdom-HC

In Pursuit Of His Wisdom-HC

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We live in a world where everyone has an opinion. From news commentary to popular blogs and social media, we are inundated with strong viewpoints from other people. But there is one opinion that matters more than any other. Do you seek God’s ultimate opinion on your calling, the right place to live, the right job, or your future spouse? Accessing God’s wisdom is supreme—the greatest good we can seek, the noblest virtue there is, and the highest plateau for living that is available in this present world. In Pursuit of His Wisdom R. T. Kendall shows you how to pursue the knowledge of God, which leads to true wisdom. You can take possession of this precious gift in order to use the right timing, know the next step forward, gain 20/20 foresight in decision-making, and avoid the consequences of rejecting God’s voice.

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