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The 20 Categories Of Dreams

The 20 Categories Of Dreams

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What's the difference between a calling dream and a direction dream?

In this 127-page book you will be given detailed descriptions, Biblical and contemporary examples, and actions that can be taken for each of the 20 categories of dreams God gives:

- Dreams to Reach Your Destiny (Prophetic and Revelatory Dreams, Calling Dreams, Courage Dreams, Direction
- Dreams, Inventions Dreams, Word of Knowledge Dreams.)
- Dreams to Change Your Path (Correction Dreams, Warning Dreams, Self-Condition Dreams.)
- Dreams for Healing and Transformation (Healing Dreams, Deliverance Dreams, Flushing Dreams)
- Dreams from the Enemy (Dark Dreams, False Dreams, Fear Dreams)
- Dreams We Cause to Be Dreamed (Soul Dreams)
- Dreams to Train You in Spiritual Obedience (Spiritual Warfare, Intercession Dreams)
- Dreams Caused by Changes in Your Body (Chemical Dreams, Body Dreams)

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