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The Fire Of God's Love

The Fire Of God's Love

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Sequel to The Fire of Delayed Answers, this book contains devotional meditations upon the most glorious theme of all Scripture - the love of God. 

This book explores how God is igniting His Bride in this hour with His fiery love, awakening us to blazing passion for our Beloved Lord Jesus. Emerging from the crucible of fiery dealings of God is a Bride who has been purified of all other affections but one – her desire for her Beloved, the Lord Jesus. Look into this furnace of God’s love at your own risk. It is a fire that consumes all but love.

Take the time to come to the passion that blazes on the cross; let that love purge you of every defiling desire. Above all, listen as the Lord Jesus draws you into an intensity of love relationship that outshines the brightest sunrise. He intends to capture and possess every part of your being by revealing to you the fire of His love.

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