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God's Generals: The Roaring Reformers

God's Generals: The Roaring Reformers

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The Victorious Generals & Their Powerful Secrets Revealed

In an atmosphere of oppression and darkness, the reformers came with revelation from God and translations of the Bible into a common language. Roberts Liardon will introduce you to six men who fought to reintroduce the beliefs and principles of the early church.

John Wycliffe, “The Bible Translator,” translated the Bible from Latin into English and was martyred for his efforts.
John Hus, “The Father of Reform,” longed to spread the gospel and urged people to “search the Scriptures.”
Martin Luther, in “The Battle-ax of Reform,” the monk turned reformer who found that man is saved by grace.
John Calvin, “The Teaching Apostle,” organized the church and urged people to serve God in all areas of life.
John Knox, “The Sword Bearer,” the rough Scottish reformer who battled queens to gain the right to preach what he believed.
George Fox, “The Liberator of Spirit,” the founder of the Quakers, lived through persecution after persecution yet humbly shared the Holy Spirit with everyone he met.

As you read about these men who sacrificed everything in their fight for God, and view the many revealing photos, you will appreciate the freedom you have to worship, find encouragement for your spiritual battles, and be motivated to find biblical truth for your own life.

The book is in hardcover binding.

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