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Let Go

Let Go

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Do you struggle through family problems, battle with the tensions of raising children, or find yourself overwhelmed with pressures on the job? Are personal failures and disappointments on the increase as you face each day? What a fountain of life it would be to discover how to let go of those distresses and learn to embrace the joy and peace that God has promised! With amazing insight, Fénelon speaks firmly yet lovingly to those whose lives have been an uphill climb, and reveals just how to Let Go!

A collection of letters by Francois Fenelon, written for the purpose of encouragement and godly direction. A piece of literature that can truly cause a soul to dive deeper into the fullness of God regardless of their spiritual background.

Hungry souls should come to this meal and indulge in its beautiful contents with eager anticipation and humble desire.

I pray you are blessed as you read this wonderful book!

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