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Christ In The Feast Of Pentecost

Christ In The Feast Of Pentecost

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We've all eagerly counted down the days to a special occasion, like Christmas, a birthday, or a wedding. Did you know that Pentecost—Shavuot—is the only holiday for which God commanded a countdown?

This engrossing book will quickly capture your attention as you realize the excitement leading up to this festive occasion and the richness it will bring to your understanding of both the Old and New Testament. The authors treat us to a sense of anticipation that "cannot be overstated," as their insightful account of traditions leading up to this holiday unfolds... a boy's first haircut, bonfires, sweet treats, artful paper cutting, first fruits.

Shavuot will lead believers in Jesus into a greater understanding of the significance of the omer, the waiting period, which foreshadows our watching for His return and gives further meaning to our work of building His kingdom.

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