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The Deborah Company (Updated & Expanded)

The Deborah Company (Updated & Expanded)

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It’s time for the daughters of God to arise!

Deborah, the Old Testament judge, and prophetess, was filled with Holy Spirit revelation, employing divine wisdom and supernatural strategy to influence her world. She exemplified boldness, courage, and the heart of a true worshiper as she maintained balance in fulfilling her responsibilities. Deborah was an Old Testament example of a New Testament anointing that is available to all Spirit-filled women.

It’s time for the Deborahs of our time to arise, take their place, and step into their full potential!

In this updated and expanded edition of The Deborah Company, prophet, and author Jane Hamon calls every woman of God to take her place on the front lines of what the Spirit of God is doing on Earth.

The Deborah Company will inspire you to:

Raise your prophetic voice and make a difference.
Overcome the Jezebel spirit by operating in the Deborah anointing.
Operate in Holy Spirit wisdom and authority as a daughter of the King.
Interpret Bible mysteries by partnering with the Holy Spirit.
Dismantle strongholds and walk in new levels of courage.
Be the wife, mother, minister, and leader God intended as you emulate biblical and modern examples of women who operate in this anointing.

When the daughters of God step into their divine calling, they will stand against darkness and bring great victories to the Earth. Join this company of women who boldly say “yes” to their prophetic destinies!


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