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Spiritual Revolution

Spiritual Revolution

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You Are Part of The Spiritual Revolution!


Spiritual Revolution will shake the way you think about the "supernatural" power of God-and your role in combating the counterfeit signs and wonders of today's cults.


Spiritual Revolution contains stories, insights, and practical suggestions about how you can aggressively choose to live in the supernatural power of God.


In this powerful book filled with facts and personal experiences, you will clearly discover the difference between:


Churchianity & Christianity

Godly power & satanic control.

Fact & truth.

Supernatural visitations & occult experiences.

Christians no longer need to sit idly by while the world is bombarded with new age practices, witchcraft, and satanism. No matter who you are or where you live, you play a vital role in establishing God's plan for the earth. Join the Spiritual Revolution!


Author, teacher, and prophet Patricia King sounds the alarm for believers to entertain angelic creatures and slay the dragons. She leads you into the spiritual dimension where you will discover the glorious "Third Heaven" through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Enlist in the Spiritual Revolution and you will be transformed into a powerful witness throughout an eternal lifetime.

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