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God Is Good

God Is Good

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Your view of God impacts everything!

“God is Good.”  More than a positive thought, theological concept, or Biblical statement—what you do with these three words defines your reality and determines your destiny.

In a world of fear, disease, crisis, and uncertainty, what you believe about God’s goodness influences how you will respond to every situation in life.

Respected pastor and bestselling author, Bill Johnson presents a freshly updated edition of his groundbreaking book, calling readers to build their lives on one unshakeable foundation: the assurance that God is Good. 


“In a friendly, even fatherly tone, Bill Johnson helps guide you through Scripture—Old Testament to the New—on an eye-opening journey to discovery that will radically transform the way you see and interact with God." ~ from the foreword by Robert Morris, bestselling author of The Blessed Life and senior pastor of Gateway Church

“This book will challenge you, but the invitation toward a higher view of God is worth it!“ ~ John Eldredge, bestselling author of Wild at Heart and Fathered by God 

“I am so, so happy you’ve picked this book up because of the life-changing revelation you’re about to encounter.” ~ Banning Liebscher, founder of Jesus Culture 

“Bill Johnson’s latest book is the most important contemporary book I have read in our day.” ~ Shawn Bolz, bestselling author of Translating God

“I believe the words of this book will create in you a deeper hunger for God to transform your mind and your life.” ~ Heidi Baker, founder, Iris Ministries


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