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Book Of Prayers: The Power Of A Praying Grandparent

Book Of Prayers: The Power Of A Praying Grandparent

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Praying for Your Grandchildren, Brings Blessings That Can Last a Lifetime

As a grandparent, you have a special role in your grandchildren’s lives. You can love them and influence them for good, but you will also touch them in amazing ways every time you lift them up in prayer before the Lord.

In this book, each prayer covers an important aspect of your grandchildren’s lives, including:

their relationships with God, parents, friends, and other key people who care for them
their health, safety, direction, and purpose
their development into wise, happy, productive, and faith-filled adults

Prayer for your grandchildren is the greatest gift of love you can give them. And every time you invite God to work powerfully in their lives you will experience…


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