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88 Great Conversation Starters for Parents & Teens (TIN037)

88 Great Conversation Starters for Parents & Teens (TIN037)

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Break through the meh's and uh's and connect with your teen through words when you use the "88 Great Conversation Starters for Parents and Teens Cards in a Tin" as a fun dinner time game.

Inside the tin are 44 double-sided cards, each offering a topic for the family to discuss. Topics include describing your family of origin, the teen's dream job, the teen's personality, favorite friends and teachers, and much more.

Remember, when it comes to teenagers, it is not so much the topic you discuss than actually engaging in a conversation, so don't stop at the question prompt. Go further and craft follow-up questions that will intrigue your teenager.


Product Details:
- Tone-on-tone green question mark design with eggplant purple lid with orange and green speech bubbles
- For families with teens
- Reusable tin with removable tight-fitting lid
- 44 double-sided cards
- Card size: 2.83" x 2.83" (72 x 72 mm)
- Tin size: 1.3" x 3.3" x 3.3" (33 x 84 x 84mm)

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