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20 Categories Of Dreams with Journal

20 Categories Of Dreams with Journal

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What's the difference between a calling dream and a direction dream? In The 20 Categories of Dreams, you'll discover the diversity and spiritual significance of the various kinds of dreams God gives. You'll also learn to recognize the subtle differences between dark dreams, fear dreams, and false dreams, which are all given by the enemy to stop God's plan for your life. In this book, you'll gain greater understanding of the following categories and purposes of dreams: Dreams to Reach Your Destiny, Dreams to Change Your Path, Dreams for Healing and Transformation, Dark Dreams from the Enemy, and Dreams We Cause to Be Dreamed through our own souls.

One of the best ways to retain what God is saying to you is to journal. As you start this season of journaling your dreams, may God continue to reveal His goodness and mysteries to you in the night seasons! 

The Journal in this bundle is a handy A5 size book that comes in a soft furry white cover. There are Sections with Quotes, Before & After Sleep Notes, Space to Record & Doodle Dreams, Interpretation & Prayers. 

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