Communion Supplies - for Church and Indivduals


Fellowship Cup ® - Prefilled cup with juice and communion wafer

  • The Fellowship Cup ® is a prefilled communion cup which contains 100% Concord Grape Juice Blend and Unleavened Wafer
  • Prefilled Ready to Serve communion cup with juice and wafer
  • No Refrigeration Needed
  • Easy Access to Elements
  • "One Pass" Serving – Designed to perfectly fit in communion trays
  • The Fellowship Cup ® is guaranteed to be fresh if used by date stamped on the box
  • Available for purchase in a box of 500 or in a pack of 50



    Communion Cups Plastic 

    Economical, disposable, recyclable communion cups that are designed to fit standard trays. The 1 3/8″ high cups have the clarity of real glass with no breakage. Each cup holds approximately 3/4 oz. of juice. Available for purchase in a box of 1000 or in a pack of 50



    Communion Wafer 

    The wafer of white unleavened bread – made of wheat flour, shortening, salt, and water – for use in the Communion service, these plain round wafers measure 1 1/8″ across (slightly larger than a dollar coin) and come packaged in cellophane tubes. Available for purchase in a box of 1000 or in a pack of 100


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