Heidi Baker: Stopping For The One

Heidi Baker: Stopping For The One

Heidi Baker

One of the main themes in Heidi Bakers ministry is emphasising the importance for Christians to portray God’s heart by stopping for the one. This, meaning, that we learn to see the people around us with Kingdom eyes and treat them with extravagant love and care.

This ties in with what Paul says about fulfilling the law. In Romans 13:9, “….. and whatever command there may be, are summed up in this one command: ‘Love thy neighbour as yourself.’”

Heidi and Rolland Baker presents this repeatedly in their ministry, and records it in their books.

Starting Iris Global (previously Iris Ministries) in 1980, the couple started off leading evangelical dance-drama teams all over Asia, and say thousands coming to Christ. However, they were increasingly drawn to the desperately poor, and were no longer satisfied with quick visits to various locations, leaning to come to a stop to take care of people’s long-term needs, one at a time.

Their current main ministry in Mozambique started off in an orphanage nobody wanted, with eighty miserable, demon-afflicted orphans in rags. They strongly believed in a continuation of Rolland’s grandfather’s (H A Baker) “Visions Beyond The Veil”, and wanted to see revival come in the most hopeless of situations.

Without external help and support, and only with the power and comfort of the Holy Spirit, they saw salvation come to the children within months. They led the children to pray daily for food and provision, and saw Jesus provide miraculously. Their book “Always Enough” records these miracles and testimonies of God’s providence and power.

Slowly, the ministry caught the attention of churches and mission teams who came in to improve the conditions of the orphanage. Their ministry grew and grew, and they faced trials of government eviction and natural disasters but God always came through, and the gospel spread throughout the tribulations, bringing even more souls to Jesus.

Now, they have bible schools and missionary schools to prepare christian who are willing to go and do what they have been doing the whole time – stopping for the one.

In our daily struggles and busy schedule, it is difficult to think for the next person, much less put a pause in our lives for the sake of another. But repeatedly has it been said in the bible to love our neighbours as ourselves, and there is a need to learn from those who have done it and inherit the heart God has put upon them, seeking for a way to manifest that heart in our own industries and social circle.

Heidi Baker has been travelling to different countries in Asia as a speaker, and has been to Singapore multiple times. A common consensus among those who have been to meetings where she speaks is that she never only presents what she has to offer, but she brings with her the presence of the Holy Spirit. It is not uncommon to her her faced-down in meetings as she obeys the Holy Spirit and seeks only to please Him.

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