Frontline faith: 5 faith-filled quotes from Canon Andrew White

Frontline faith: 5 faith-filled quotes from Canon Andrew White

If you were to categorize Canon Andrew White’s life into a literary genre, chances are, his story would fall squarely under “thriller”.

Mild, yet steely, Canon White was ordained as an Anglican priest in 1990 after an illustrious career in anesthetics and surgery in St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

Today he is recognized for his conflict mediation work primarily in the Middle East, famously being dubbed “The Vicar of Baghdad” for staying as the vicar of the only remaining Anglican church in Iraq when Islamic State (IS) attacked in 2014.

First published in 2009, “The Vicar of Baghdad” is a first-person recount of a seemingly impossible journey, made possible because of his focus on the glory and presence of God amid violent difficulties.

By all accounts, this book is an intense read. But running parallel to its acute descriptions of hardship and frightful circumstances are profound statements of hope and faith.

Faithworks Team picks five memorable quotes from this book.

 “We have spent so much time and effort working for the healing of a whole nation, and yet so often our highest priority from one day to the next has been to try to save a few individual lives.” Pg 116

“We play a vital role… facilitating the forming of relationships across the divides. Often, our starting-point is enabling each side to hear the other’s story.” Pg 129
“I think of days when all has seemed utterly bleak and I have gone in my mind to the empty tomb of Christ and just stood there. That empty tomb has been my inspiration. So, we take heart.” Pg 140

“People ask me why I spend so much time in places such as Gaza and Baghdad. The truth is because that is where I am sent. And so I am never afraid.” Pg 170

There have been times when everything has gone wrong… It is at times like this that I ask God to show me his glory. He always does so, though sometimes I do not see it immediately. Pg 171

We hope that this will bless you!

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 Canon Andrew White will be speaking in Singapore on 18 October 2019 at the Kingdom Invasion Conference. Conference entry details are available on the KI Trilogy website.

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