Here is Love, Vast as the Ocean

Here is Love, Vast as the Ocean

When I first learned about how the Lord had led Cornerstone to redeem the Bible College of Wales, I struggled to relate with the vision. Although the journey to redemption (outlined in the last chapter of Intercessor) was divinely timed and confirmed by many prophetic words, we were still halfway around the world from this deep well of prayer and intercession, and it puzzled me that help did not come from anywhere closer to Wales. We needed the faith to sow into a property that most of us had not seen, believing that the Lord wanted to preserve this place of deep spiritual heritage to bless the nations once again. The pressing question I had in my mind was - “Why us?”

Pastors visiting BCW in 2011 before the purchase of the college
Pastors visiting BCW in 2011 before the purchase of the college

Last week, that same question was brought up over the pulpit during the Bless Wales Conference. “Why did God use Singapore to redeem the Bible College of Wales? Was it because they are better off? No, of course not. There are ways the Welsh could also help Singapore too,” said one of the speakers. “Could God have used a Welsh? Of course, He could. But this is all about Him getting the glory, showing us that He is speaking and at work.”

God loves to work through His people, and it was at the newly-restored Bible College that I began to understand, as a student, that it brings Him great delight when the global church joins hands to fulfill His purposes. Whenever the students and intercessors from different nations gather in prayer for revival at the College, there is such power in that unity.

Jesus prays in John 17:20 -21: “that all of them may be one, Father, just as You are in Me and I am in You. May they also be in Us so that the world may believe that You have sent Me.”

Just as the hand cannot say to the knee, “I don’t need you”, He gives different gifts to different parts of the body and uses them at different times and for different reasons. The restoration of the College by Cornerstone was not just a leap of faith for us from the “little red dot”, but an answer to the prayers of intercessors in Wales. Some of them were not Welsh, but they heard the call of God to stand in the gap for this land, and persistently called out to the Lord to keep the College. This growing remnant of prayer warriors has continued to contend for revival in Wales.

The Lord has been transforming the lives of so many students through the College and, hearing the testimonies of graduates across eight cohorts during the Alumni Gathering last week made me feel so grateful that Cornerstone has a part in this. What a privilege it is to be that “puzzle piece” that He handpicked and connected with the destiny of Wales.

God is looking for those who will do whatever it takes to see His purposes come to fruition, even if it means crossing borders, venturing into uncharted territory, laying aside what makes perfect sense to us. This is the legacy of Mr. Rees Howells that the College must continue carrying - to see the gospel preached to every tribe and tongue.

“Thank you, thank you so much for doing this,” she said, tears streaming down her cheeks. This lovely Welsh lady had come to visit the Bible College of Wales. She held both my hands and told me that she had driven four hours down from North Wales to be in Swansea for Bless Wales. “My husband has been praying for revival in the mountains for years, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to be with others who wanted the same. Something is stirring, and God is moving in a way many have never felt before.”
The BCW re-inaugrated in 2015

The BCW re-inaugrated in 2015

She went on to say with great sincerity: “The Lord’s heart must really be on Wales to have sent you (Singapore) from so far to redeem the Bible College. On behalf of my nation to yours, I want to say thank you. I pray that a double portion of what is happening here in Wales will overflow into Singapore.”

Her words brought great encouragement, and as I received the blessing, I sensed the pleasure of the Lord over us. Like a proud Father looking on as two of his children blessed each other, it showed me a glimpse of the Father’s heart for unity in His big family. It brought me answers to my earlier question on being involved with the work of restoration at the Bible College. We are connected to what He is doing in Wales because of His love and however far and wide our differences, we are one because we have the same Father. We are carriers of that same love everywhere we set foot on. This is what matters on the side of eternity!

In the words of the famous 1904 revival song - “Here is love, vast as the ocean, loving-kindness as a flood.” To Wales with love, Singapore stands with you, and we believe that revival is coming again.

Autumn 2015, first cohort of BCWSOM

Autumn 2015, first cohort of BCWSOM

About the Author - Emma Lim
After several years of building a career in media and communications, Emma took a leap of faith into the unknown and attended school at the Bible College of Wales. Carrying a heart for missions, she spent another season serving the Lord in Wales, and yearns to see the nations sing as one voice before the King of Kings. She lights up whenever she hears a good story, and never fails to have a song on her heart.

About the Bible College of Wales
With a rich heritage in prayer and intercession, the Bible College of Wales is raising up men and women who are empowered and equipped to play a part in the worldwide move of God. The College is a House of Prayer for all nations, in fulfilment of the “Every Creature Commission” – that the gospel would go out to every nation. Come visit us at our retreat centre or pray about joining the School of Ministry. More information can be found at or write in to to speak to us.

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