Explaining The Second Coming

Explaining The Second Coming

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Our attitude to the future is ambivalent, a mixture of fear and fascination. We want to know what is going to happen to us and to the rest of the human race - but then, perhaps we don't want to know! How many of us would really wish to learn the date of our death or of the end of the world?

The Bible reveals it's secrets to those who read it with reverence and obedience, in a humble and teachable spirit. Many things are predicted - personal and political, social and environmental, moral and meteorological. But one event stands out above them all: the return to this world of a person who lived here two thousand years ago, a carpenter from the village of Nazareth. Were he simply a human being, this would seem unbelievable. In this book David Pawson teaches what the Bible says about The Second Coming of Christ.