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Unmasking Jezebel's Intercessors

Unmasking Jezebel's Intercessors

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Are You Being Prayed For—Or Preyed On?

Do you feel like unseen forces are wreaking havoc on your life? As if some who claim to be Christians are actually praying prayers of manipulation and sabotage over you?

Having fought firsthand against these prayers of witchcraft, bestselling author and prophetic teacher Jennifer LeClaire has seen both personal and regional breakthroughs over this high-level demonic force—and she wants the same for you.

In Unmasking Jezebel’s Intercessors, Jennifer helps you expose and shut down the manipulative Jezebel spirit that is trying to sabotage your destiny so you can experience immediate breakthrough and victory.

Full of practical tools and prophetic insight, this book will help you:
Recognize the Jezebel spirit at work in your life.
Combat the witchcraft prayers released against your mind and body.
Cancel the demonic assignments sent to destroy your life.
Confront Jezebel’s intercessors.
Arm yourself with effective spiritual warfare strategies.

Make no mistake: Jezebel’s intercessors are on a mission to steal, kill, and destroy. Don’t fall prey to their prayers. It’s time to shut down Jezebel’s spiritual sabotage and unleash the destiny God has for you, your church, and your city.

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