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Psalm 91 Bundle

Psalm 91 Bundle

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Introducing our thoughtfully curated bundle sets, tailored for women who appreciate both practicality and elegance.

Included in this enchanting bundle is the "Psalm 91 Military Edition" book, authored by Peggy Joyce Ruth, a source of inspiration and strength. Accompanying this is a delightful flamingo pouch from Foi En Dieu, exuding charm and utility in equal measure. Complementing the set are exquisite matching earrings, adding a touch of grace to complete the ensemble.

Each bundle includes:

1 x Psalm 91 Military Edition (Original Price: $12.90)
1 x Flamingo Pouch (Original Price: $18.00)
1 x Pair of Earrings* (Original Price: $12.00)
*Please note that earring designs may vary based on availability.

Discover a collection designed to celebrate the spirit of women – a fusion of literature, practicality, and aesthetics, thoughtfully brought together in one captivating bundle.

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