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NLT Student Life Application Study Bible, Filament-Enabled Edition, Hardcover

NLT Student Life Application Study Bible, Filament-Enabled Edition, Hardcover

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Serious Study Comes to Life

The visually engaging NLT Student Life Application Study Bible brings learning to life for those who want to get serious about their study of Scripture. It invites readers into an ever-deeper knowledge of God and his work in the world. It features a beautiful, four-color interior that appeals to younger readers as well as adults of any age. This Bible features the New Living Translation and is equipped with the Filament Bible app. It’s perfect for those looking for an innovative New Living Translation study Bible.

Features of the NLT Student LASB include:
- 27,000+ in-print and in-app study notes;
- a reading guide that traces the Bible’s big story;
- 81 biographical summaries of the lives of important people in the Bible;
- 137 pictures illustrating objects and places;
- answers to 59 vital questions about the basics of Christian belief and what it means to live as a Christian;
- 316 maps, charts, and infographics;
- the Filament Bible app; and the clear and accurate New Living Translation.

Enhance your Bible study with the free Filament Bible app.

The Filament Bible app is a powerful Bible-study tool featuring commentary and thousands of study notes, devotionals, videos, reading plans, and more resources that are curated for each page and are displayed when you scan the page number in your Bible. The content you have available at your fingertips pertains specifically to the passage you are reading.

Features of the Filament Bible app include:
- 350+ videos,
- 40+ interactive maps and infographics,
- 400+ profiles and articles, and
- 1,500 devotionals.


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