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God at Work with Desktop Plaque (Work Unto the Lord)

God at Work with Desktop Plaque (Work Unto the Lord)

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"God at Work" gift pack brings together a collection of inspiring items designed to uplift, motivate, and encourage. This thoughtfully composed ensemble comprises three key elements: the book "God at Work" by Ken Costa, a Desktop Copper Plaque bearing the empowering words "I can do all things," and an added touch of elegance with complimentary gift wrapping.

"God at Work" by Ken Costa:
At the heart of this gift pack lies the transformative book "God at Work" penned by the acclaimed author Ken Costa. This literary masterpiece delves into the intersection of faith and work, offering profound insights and guidance for individuals seeking to align their professional pursuits with their spiritual values. Through anecdotes, wisdom, and thought-provoking analysis, Costa explores how faith can infuse our daily endeavors with purpose, ethics, and a sense of calling. "God at Work" serves as a compass, helping readers navigate the complex terrain of the workplace while nurturing a deeper connection to their faith.

Accompanying this literary gem is a meticulously crafted Desktop Copper Plaque that bears the timeless dictum "Work Unto the Lord." Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this plaque serves as a constant reminder that every task, regardless of its nature, has the potential to be an act of devotion. Its elegant copper composition not only adds an aesthetic touch to any workspace but also embodies the idea of work as an offering to a higher calling.

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