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Ida Scudder stood firm, her determination unwavering. Her friends' misguided assumptions provoked a strong reaction within her. "I will not be a missionary to India like my parents!" she declared defiantly. "Don't any of you say I will be because I won't - never, ever, ever." The haunting images of undernourished Indian children had left an indelible mark on Ida's memory. She harbored a profound disdain for India, a land plagued by distressing circumstances over which she felt powerless.

Initially, Ida firmly believed she would never tread the same path as her father, a medical missionary. However, an epiphany struck her when she witnessed Indian women succumbing to death due to religious restrictions forbidding male doctors from treating them. In a moment of sincerity, Ida found herself praying, "God, if You want me to, I will spend the rest of my life in India trying to help these women."

For nearly six decades, Dr. Ida Scudder exemplified the essence of truth and compassion inherent in Christ. She blazed a trail by establishing a distinguished medical school and hospital, delivering life-saving healthcare to rural communities, and leaving behind an enduring legacy that continues to touch millions of lives annually, instilling healing and hope. Her remarkable journey spanned from 1870 to 1960.

This renowned series, "Christian Heroes: Then & Now," has captivated readers worldwide with its gripping missionary biographies. These accounts chronicle the extraordinary triumphs achieved for God's kingdom and glory by ordinary men and women whose unwavering trust in Him propelled them to accomplish remarkable feats.

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