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101 Inspirational Lunch Box Notes (LBN001)

101 Inspirational Lunch Box Notes (LBN001)

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Pass on a little love with the "101 Inspirational Lunch Box Notes"—your go-to for sprinkling love and encouragement into your child's day. Each note features an uplifting message or heartfelt reminder, elegantly scripted in vibrant text and framed by a lively, colorful border. Great for kids of all ages!

These lunchbox notes are perfect for infusing a dash of joy and inspiration into your little one's lunchtime. Slip these notes into a lunchbox, stick them in a school book, or even sneak them under a pillow—your kids will get a kick out of finding them. With three repeats of 32 designs, you can share the same message with multiple children.


Product Details:
- 101 full-color tear-off sheets
- Blank space on back for your own message
- Sheet size: 4.4” x 4.0" (112 x 102 mm)
- Notepad size: 44" x 4" x 0.5" (112 x 102 x 12mm)

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