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WOW! Conference 2023 - Women of Witness - Audio MP3 Download

WOW! Conference 2023 - Women of Witness - Audio MP3 Download

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"Glory can be described as beauty, splendour and magnificence. The Glory of God in the Last Days is the very presence of Christ manifesting not only in His Church but all the earth shall witness His Glory! WOW! Conference 2023 invites all daughters to join us as we seek the radiance of His Face from 14 – 16 September. To all our Women of Witness, let’s speak of the Glory of the kingdom of God and talk of His power!" 

Speakers: Ps Bonnie Chavda, Mama Heidi Baker, Rev Dr Naomi Dowdy & Rev Dr Suzette Hattingh
Hosted by: Ps Daphne Yang

14 Sep
Leaders’ Session 1: Ps Bonnie Chavda
Leaders’ Session 2: Mama Heidi Baker
Leaders’ Session 3: Rev Dr Suzette Hattingh

15 Sep
Day Session 1: Rev Dr Naomi Dowdy
Day Session 2: Ps Bonnie Chavda
Day Session 3: Mama Heidi Baker
Workshop: Ps Bonnie Chavda

16 Sep
Day Session 4: Rev Dr Naomi Dowdy
Day Session 5: Rev Dr Suzette Hattingh

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