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Fasting for Fire

Fasting for Fire

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When many hear the word fasting, they immediately think of what they have to give up.
But what if fasting is more about gaining God than giving up?
What if fasting is a sacred doorway into fresh encounters with the all-consuming fire of God?

Author and revival historian, Jennifer A. Miskov, has tapped into an ancient pathway to divine encounter. She has given her life to studying how the great pioneers of revival experienced dynamic moves of the Holy Spirit, both in their personal lives and in the corporate church.

One of the key common denominators is fasting. Historically, fasting was never a formula for holiness or a means to manipulate God. In fact, in revival history, “the fasting ones” were actually “the feasting ones”—those who single-mindedly aligned themselves with what heaven wanted to release into the earth.

In Fasting for Fire, you will discover and experience:

  • Deeper levels of union and connection with Jesus.
  • Greater flow of revelation from the Holy Spirit.
  • Extraordinary miracles, signs and wonders, supernatural power.
  • Increased hunger for God.
  • The supernatural benefits of fasting.
  • The dimensions of fire fasting.

Testimonies of revivalists like Smith Wigglesworth, William J. Seymour, and Aimee Semple McPherson, who experienced significant God-encounters through fasting.

Featuring easy-to-follow fasting exercises, Scripture meditations, reflection questions, activations, and special chapters by Randy Clark and Lou Engle, Fasting for Fire will stir you to pursue the presence of God with more passion and zeal than ever before!


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