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Redeeming Your Bloodline - Blessing Pack

Redeeming Your Bloodline - Blessing Pack

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Redeeming Your Bloodline Book:
This pack proudly includes the transformative book "Redeeming Your Bloodline" by Hrvoje Sirovina & Robert Henderson. Delving into generational healing and spiritual liberation, this insightful work sheds light on the significance of understanding and redeeming ancestral legacies. Through expert guidance and engaging narratives, readers are empowered to break free from negative generational patterns and embrace renewed identity and purpose.

Communion 2-in-1 Fellowship Cup:
Included in this pack are 30 Communion 2-in-1 fellowship cups, each containing 100% Concord Grape Juice Blend and Unleavened Wafer, which combine the essential elements of communion. Communion is a sacred time of fellowship with God, where believers remember Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, commemorating His death through prayer and meditation while partaking in a small piece of bread and a sip of wine (or grape juice). 

Anointing Oil (1/4oz):
Elevate your spiritual experience with carefully crafted anointing oil, embodying sacredness and blessing. This 1/4oz bottle encapsulates generations of symbolism, invoking divine presence, protection, and favor. Whether for personal rituals or communal gatherings, this anointing oil serves as a conduit to connect with the transcendent and invite transformative influence.

In conclusion, this pack thoughtfully curates a holistic and transformative spiritual experience. From "Redeeming Your Bloodline" insights to Communion unity and anointing oil's sacredness, it offers a journey towards spiritual growth, healing, and connection. Complimentary gift packaging underscores care and mindfulness in this unique offering.

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