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Steps To Spiritual Growth-Handbook For New Believers

Steps To Spiritual Growth-Handbook For New Believers

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This is an extremely helpful book for believers, as it offers vital keys and essential truths that will help the believer grow in the knowledge of God. It is filled with numerous practical and scriptural guidelines, which pertain to the spiritual development of a believer. The subjects listed below are looked at extensively:

What it means to be saved

The necessity of God's Word

Water baptism, an ordinance

Prayer, a priority

The importance of communion

The significance of God's grace

Deliverance from bondage

Being filled with the Holy Spirit

The use of this book is also recommended for pastors, teachers, and church leaders.  The handbook is a comprehensive overview of appropriate topics that will lay a good foundation for believers.  It will also supply you with an organized teaching structure to help you instruct and train all those whom God has entrusted to your care.

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