Eye’M All Mixed Up (Remixes)


This remix project pairs the veteran Christian singer/rapper with a host of gifted studio wizards with varied but consistently energizing results. Combining previously released tracks with new studio creations, EyeÕM All Mixed Up ranges from Soul Glow ActivaturÕs throbbing EDM take on ÒEye on ItÓ to TelemetryÕs spacy, synth-drenched treatment of ÒSpeak LifeÓ and ThunderbirdÕs lean ÔnÕ tingly reboot of ÒThankful for You.Ó On the ballad side, ÒForgivenessÓ grabs attention thanks to Neon FeatherÕs swirling electronica embellishments. All of the above serves to enhance TobyMacÕs message of worship, healing, and salvation.

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