Ekklesia Rising

Dean Briggs

For generations, we have been taught that Jesus promised to build His “church“ in Matthew 16:18, so we’ve dutifully tried to build the church with Him. But there’s a big problem: that’s not the word He used. Instead, He announced something far more potent:

“I will build My ekklesia!”

A motherlode of identity and mission separate church and ekklesia. If Jesus gave His disciples authority and keys to bind and loose, it means we have been put on offense, so why are we stuck on defense? If we are built to soar in heavenly places with real authority in prayer, then why does our mission often feel grounded on the launch pad? In Ekklesia Rising, you’ll learn to soar with:

  • The DNA of ekklesia: how revelation produces dominion
  • The “keys” Christ gives, and how to receive and use them
  • The divine design of mature masculine authority with fervent bridal love
  • The role of the Divine Council in heaven and on earth
  • The inner constitution of contending, covenantal communities
  • The powerful symphony of agreement
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