Atomic Power With God Through Fasting And Prayer

Franklin Hall

In 1946-1947, there was a great movement of fasting and prayer, first in America and then the rest of the world. This book was the spark that ignited the hearts of thousands to go on extended fasts, to seek God for revival and for the restoration of spiritual gifts to the church. Many went on 40-day fasts, and many ministers who read this book and practiced the teachings on fasting and prayer as taught by Franklin Hall developed world renowned ministries.

In 1947-1952, the great healing revival broke out through various ministries who began to experience miracles in their ministries and thousands were converted and healed. Most of these ministers had followed the practice of fasting as revolutionised by Franklin Hall. The leaders all agreed that it was after reading ‘Atomic Power With God Though Fasting and Prayer’ that they entered a season of the “grace of fasting” which, after three months, resulted in a powerful outpouring of the Spirit restoring spiritual gifts and ministries to the church. It also led them into employing the ‘laying on of hands’ for healing and for imparting the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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