About Us

Cornerstone Resources had her beginnings as a humble book counter in the late 1990s, promoting books and sermon resources to members of our congregation for their spiritual growth. Through the years, the ministry expanded and had the privilege of incorporating books and manuals from Zion Fellowship, Inc in 1999. We then expanded into the distribution of Zion Resources and printing of our own books.

What started off as a book table ministry eventually became a full-fledged bookstore called “Faithworks” promoting CDs, DVDs, Bibles, gifts and Christian literature from some of the world’s most anointed Christian authors. The Faithworks team has continually ensured that the bookstore is regularly stocked with resources that are sound in teaching and Holy Spirit inspired; thereby transforming Faithworks into an integral part of Cornerstone Community Church. To date, we have carried different genres of books, ranging from Classic Works, Prophetic, Healing, Worship to Christian Living. Beyond just being a Christian bookstore, Faithworks aims to be a “feeding ministry” whereby the hungry would be fed, and everyone who walks in would be inspired to walk deeper with God.